BioIngine : Ingine Inc's Healthcare Data Science Venture
The™ - Medical Computational Thinking, Learning and Reasoning Platform.
Ingine, Inc. Executive Management Team
From The QEXL Kitchen
The™ is a result of several years of efforts with Dr. Barry Robson; former Chief Scientific Officer, IBM Global Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences. His research has been in developing quantum math driven exchange and inference language achieving medical semantic interoperability, while also enabling Clinical Decision Support System based on the principles of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) and its PICO (patient/problem/population-intervention-comparison-outcome) method. The™, a medical computational thinking, learning and reasoning platform for the Healthcare market. The BioIngine delivers Medical Automated Reasoning Programming Language Environment (MARPLE) capability based on the mathematics borrowed from several disciplines and notably from late Prof Paul A M Dirac's Quantum Mechanics (QM). Particularly the mathematical technique derived from QM and based on Dirac Notation for knowledge inference is called Hyperbolic Dirac Net (HDN).
Dr. Barry Robson; PhD in biochemistry and biophysics and a DSc in computational molecular science and quantum mechanics. Co-founder of Ingine; specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support in Medicine. Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Evidence Based Medicine
Dr. Barry Robson
Inventor; Co-Founder
Srinidhi Boray; B.E Electrical Engineering; Enterprise Architect with experience in diverse industries, including Healthcare. Co -founder of Ingine, a Thought Leader and Architect who Proposes "System As The Method" based on Implicate Order; an important idea that influences The BioIngine architecture QEXL.
Srinidhi Boray
Architect; Co-Founder
Mr. Casper; brings 25 years of experience from the healthcare Industry. Has served in senior capacities such as CEO Sandlot Solutions, President and Corporate Officer of FCG (FCGI), EVP of Business development MedPlus, a Quest Diagnostics compony. A pioneer in Healthcare IT Transformation.
Joseph Casper
Chairman and Managing Director
Jim Weisman; B.S. in Economics from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and Executive M.B.A. from Case Weatherhead School of Management. Provides Strategic Leadership and Business Acumen in growing Ingine in uncharted market. Over 25 years of diverse experience with emphasis on healthcare.
Jim Weisman
Chief Operating Officer
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The™; a High Performance Cognitive Cloud Computing Platform

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